15 Sep 2019

Latin synonyms, Dumesnil (1819) v1.2

Dictionary was updated to include convenient image viewer and embed styles, so users do not need setting up “custom styles” anymore.

  • new: mobile formats
  • new: images were clipped
  • changed: embedded styles; custom styles not needed now
  • changed: image viewer

Many thanks to anonymous person provided images with clipped margins.

Headwords are still unaltered, so, looking for a verb, use its infinitive form. Other parts of speech should be compatible with Hunspell, if not medieval spelling is used.

A Latin Dictionary, Lewis & Short (1879) v1.2

This release fixing missing headwords, other changes are cosmetic.

  • fixed: headwords with numbers
  • changed: ordered lists (α)…(ω)
  • changed: paragraphs split on mdash

Download from GitHub.