Index verbōrum, Appleton (1914)

This Latin–Latin dictionary is made of word lists from two textbooks written by Reginald Bainbridge Appleton (see sources below) and covers only lexicon used in these texts. Dictionaries are intended to be used by the 4th-term students of Latin classes, so explanations are very simple.

Total number of the articles is 2183, including 37 illustrations:

About 200 articles are simple redirections, such as:

All words are macronized.


Download files compiled for dictionary shells or view source files. Format Slob is recommended for GoldenDict, read documentation about other dictionary shells.



  1. Appleton, R. B.; Jones, W. H. S. Pons tironum. Project Gutenberg, 2018. URL:
  2. Appleton, R. B. Fabulae, virginibus puerisque aut narrandae aut recitandae. Project Gutenberg, 2018. URL:

States and limitations

Forms of the words in the original books are compatible with Hunspell dictionary. Looking for a verb use its first-person singular present form (“amo”, non “amare”), or singular nominative for nouns (“puella”).


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This work is distributed as Public Domain.