An Alveary or Triple Dictionary, Baret (1574)

A dictionary translating words from English to Latin, French and occasionally Ancient Greek. There are 5,482 dictionary articles. Although the transcript preserves XVIth century English language, all keywords were indexed following the modern spelling, so look up for “girl” and “kiss” (not “girll” or “kisse”).

On-line version can be accessed on the LEME website.


Download files compiled for dictionary shells. Format Slob is recommended for desktop GoldenDict, read documentation about other dictionary shells.



  1. Baret, John. An Alveary or Triple Dictionary, in English, Latin, and French. London, 1574.
  2. Lancashire, Ian (editor). Lexicons of Early Modern English. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018. URL:


CC BY 4.0
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