Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum (2019)

Czech: “Slovník středověké latiny v českých zemích”.
English: “Dictionary of medieval latin in the Czech lands”.

The vocabulary of Medieval Latin, as used in the Czech lands from 1000 to 1500, covers lemmas from A to M (musa).

On-line version can be accessed on the website of Czech Academy of Sciences.


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  1. The Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Electronic Version 2.1 [Slovník středověké latiny v českých zemích: elektronická verze 2.1], Prague: Filosofický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i., 2019. URL:

Usage notes

This dictionary requires the seach word to be in normal form, such as sg. masc. nom. for nouns (e.g. puella) or 1st pers. pres. tense for verbs (e.g. amo).

TEI markup is not in final state, so there are numerous flaws, especially in the structure of the articles (parts 1 a α). Our code downloads texts from the website and we cannot fix such errors.


Public Domain
This work is distributed as Public Domain.

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