Diccionario auxiliar Español-Latín, Del Col (2007)

The book “Diccionario auxiliar español-latino para el uso moderno del latín” was compiled by José Juan Del Col (1925-2018), former rector of El Instituto Superior “Juan XXIII” de Bahía Blanca (Argentina). It contains some general lexis, though does not have such frequent words as “andar” or “comer”, and is aimed at more specialized terms of the modern life.


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  1. Del Col, Jose Juan. Diccionario auxiliar español-latino para el uso moderno del Latín. Instituto Superior Juan XXIII, Bahía Blanca, 2007. URL: http://www.juan23.edu.ar/latin/diccionario.html.

There was some information, such as this, about preparation of the second edition of the dictionary, but we have no information was it ever published or not.

States and limitations

Keywords are duplicated with their equivalents after removing diacritics, e.g. “lingüística” > “linguistica”, for convenience. Placeholders, such as “un cuarto de -“, where replaced with the headwords, “un cuarto de hora”, where it was possible to do automatically.


All our attempts to contact with the copyright holder, Instituto Superior “Juan XXIII”, were left without any response. The book is deposited on the institute’s website for free download, so we believe that our version can be considered a “fair use”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If the copyright holder decides to distribute this dictionary under a less restricted license, our edition can be used with these new legal terms, including the Public Domain or CC0.