Calepinus septem linguarum, Gallicciolli (1778)

This dictionary is similar to the famous ‘Totius Latinitatis Lexicon’ (Forcellini, 1771), but the articles are compact and more suitable for everyday use. Just as it’s bigger brother, Latin words are explained in Latin, with short definitions in Italian, Hebrew, German, French, Spanish, and Ancient Greek.

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  1. Facciolati, Jacobo; Gallicciolli, Giovanni Battista. Calepinus septem linguarum, hoc est Lexicon latinum variarum linguarum interpretatione adjecta, ad usum Seminarii pluries emendatum, et auctum. Ed. novissima. Venice, 1778. URL:
  2. Page index and images were extracted from the PDF file published on the website Le Cercle latin de la Nouvelle-France.

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Unknown. Website Le Cercle latin de la Nouvelle-France does not state source of the images. Presumably, this book was scanned by Universidad de Granada, so license CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 is applicable to the images.