An Elementary Latin Dictionary, Lewis (1890)

Classic LatinEnglish dictionary, younger brother of “A Latin Dictionary” (Lewis & Short, 1879).


Download files compiled for dictionary shells. Format Slob is recommended for GoldenDict, read documentation about other dictionary shells.

Version in DSL (ABBYY Lingvo) format can be found in the Dadako’ Knigohran. Files in StarDict and Epub formats were compiled by Iohannes Brunensis.



The dictionary was published in 1890, and transcribed in 1999:

  1. Lewis, Ch. T. An Elementary Latin Dictionary. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago, 1890.
  2. Lewis, Ch. T; Crane G. (transcriber). An Elementary Latin Dictionary. Trustees of Tufts University, Medford, MA, 1999. URL: [Accessed 23 August 2019].


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