Diccionario Español-Griego-Latín, López Pozo (1997)

This trilingual dictionary provides translations of the words from Spanish to Ancient Greek and Latin languages with reach examples.


Current version is v1.0 (January 30, 2020). Format Slob is recommended for GoldenDict, read documentation about other dictionary shells.

Source files are in the github repository.



  1. López Pozo, F. Diccionario Español-Griego-Latín. 1997(?). URL: http://www.culturaclasica.com/?q=diccionario.

There is a copy of the book (self-)published by the author in 1997, but the date is still unsure. In 2007, author announced second edition of the dictionary, however to the best of our knowledge it was never published.

Website of the author, Francisco López Pozo, does not functioning now (see Internet Archive). Copy of the dictionary can be found on the author’s old blog “Córdoba de Altas Torres” or on the web-portal Cultura Clásica. Chapters joined into a solid book are available on Archive.org. All versions are equal.

States and limitations

Greek text in the book is typed with a mix of Latin-Greek characters (e.g. “éγκαταλεíπω”). We converted it into a correct Polytonic Greek script with some limitations of the original typesetting, such as letter “η” never has breathing marks. Also, letters “á/έ/ó” at the beginning of the words should be “ἀ/ἐ/ὀ”. There are several other things to be corrected in Greek words, so it would be better checking translations in other dictionaries.

At the time when the book was typed in, author had no access to the spell correction software, so number of mistypes is relatively higher than ordinal (see GitHub repository for errata). There are erroneously separated words, such as “pue lla”, introduced by the process of reading PDF format.


Public Domain Mark