Lexicon Latinae Linguae Antibarbarum, Nolte (1744)

This Latin (with some German notes) treatise is a guide to the purification of the Latin language and contains about 8800 articles explaining meaning, syntactic arrangement and prosody of doubtful words.


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  1. Nolte, Johann Friedrich. Lexicon Latinae Linguae Antibarbarum Quadripartitum. Leipzig, 1744. URL: http://mateo.uni-mannheim.de/camenaref/nolte.html.

States and limitations

Appendix “Series Latinorum Scriptorum” is not included into our version.

Headwords were changed to lowercase to be compatible with Hunspell dicitonary, but it can break some logic related to the words which should to be in title-case. For example, Hunspell is not able to recognize that “hispana” is a form of “Hispanus”. Besides the letter case, headwords were left without change, so distinct articles will be found on “amo” and “amare”. Verbs are usually in a form of infinitive or first-preson; nouns can be in any of inflectional forms; short phrases and sentence are also common.

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Some keywords are not marked in the text, e.g. “caritas” in the article about “amor”, or “basia” in “oscula” (see images above), so these words are not indexed.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.