De differentiis verborum, Popma (1865)

Full title is “Ausonii Popmae frisii de differentiis verborum cum additamentis Ioannis Friderici Hekelii, Adami Danielis Richteri, Ioannis Christiani Messerschmidii et Thomae Vallaurii qui opus diligentissime retractavit”.

Dictionary of Latin synonyms (“osculum” vs “suavium”), homonyms (“arundo” vs “hirundo”), or paronymous words (“cedere” vs “accedere”) explained in Latin. There are rare articles dedicated to Ancient Greek (Ἔπαινος vs Ἐγκώμιον), and sparse Italian, French, or German commentaries.

Grammatical treatise “De usu antiquae locutionis” is an independent Popma’s book, but in XVII-XVIII centuries it was often printed together with “De differentiis verborum”. It is not included into our edition.


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Murzintcev, Nikita. (2022). Popma’s Monolingual Dictionary of Latin Synonyms. Lexikos, 32, pp. 357–363. URL: DOI: 10.5788/32-1-1747.


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