Glossarium Anglico-Latinum, Redmond (2005)

Dr. Walter Redmond (lat. Gualterius Redmond) is a prominent scholar who reads courses of Logic and Philosophy entirely in Latin. Examples of his speechs and books:

Sometimes, his dictionary is referenced as “Glossarium Philosophicum”, even though it contains vocabulary from various fields of knowledge.

This dictionary provides translations from English to Latin language of more than 10,000 words and phrases. According to Thomas McCarthy (see Sources), it was compiled in 2005. Author’s website ( does not function since the end of 2017.


Current version is v1.1 (May 5, 2020). Format Slob is recommended for GoldenDict, read documentation about other dictionary shells.

PDF version formatted for printing can be taken free from, see Sources.



  1. Redmond, Walter. Glossarium Anglico-Latinum. 2005. Archive website:
  2. Redmond, Walter; McCarthy, Thomas (editor). Glossarium Anglico-Latinum. 2010.

McCarthy’s book contains copyright statement, so it was not used in production of our version.

States and limitations

Dictionary contains many sentences, which are difficult to index, so we advice using ‘Search Pane’ in GoldenDict (menu View|Search Pane):

Redmond uses capitalized letters to show correct stress (accent), such as “malEdicus”. We replaced them with accented characters, “malédicus”, but it can corrupt some words (“Africa” > “áfrica”). Inform us if you encounter errors.


Public Domain Mark

We were unable to contact the author, so license of the dictionary is unknown. As long as copyright-holders do not restrict it, our work can be distributed as Public Domain.