Lexicon manuale graeco-latinum et latino-graecum, Schrevel (1831)

A dictionary of Ancient Greek explained in Latin, and vice versa.

On-line version (ed. 1832) can be found on Godmy’s website.


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  1. Schrevel, Cornelis; Hill, Joseph; Entick,John; Bowyer, William; Watts, Robert; Tayler, Charles. Cornelii Schrevelii Lexicon manuale græco-latinum et latino-græcum. (22nd ed.) London, 1831. URL: https://archive.org/details/corneliischreve00schr.

Usage guidelines

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Authors use medieval spelling for Latin words, so instead of ‘paene’, ‘femina’ look for ‘pene’, ‘foemina’.


Public Domain
This work is distributed as Public Domain.