Lexicon Latinum, Wagner (1878)

Full tilte: “Lexicon Latinum seu Universae Phraseologiae Corpus Congestum”, authored by Franz Wagner (1675-1738).

This phraseological dictionary of Latin language containing translations of words to French accompanied with synonyms, antonyms, adjectives or adverbs applicable to these words, and example phrases from classic Latin works. Addendum folds in a list of Latin barbarisms, general and professional (“militari, civili sacroque”) French-Latin dictionaries.

Note: This dictionary currently is being transcribed (see Sources). To the date, our version includes 15 of 18 parts, i.e. the complete Latin-French dictionary but not addenda.

Full version of the dictionary (indexed page scans) is available on the Godmy’s web-site.


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  1. Wagner, Franz S. J.; Borgnet, Auguste (translator). Lexicon latinum seu Corpus Phraseologiae. Brugis, 1878. URL: https://archive.org/details/wagnerlexiconlatinum.
  2. On-going transcribe project. URL: https://www.pgdp.net/c/project.php?id=projectID5b3d9b5f27ee1.

States and limitation

Orthography of the dictionary generally follows modern spelling of the Latin words but sometimes deviates: “coelum” (caelum), “coena” (cena) or “moeror” (maeror), but “femina”.


Public Domain
This work is distributed as Public Domain.