Ramshorn1860 v1.0.2

10 Jul 2019

Ramshorn1860 v1.0.2:

  1. All keys were checked manually and lemmatised
  2. Images were cut for better reading on screen (especially on mobile devices)

New image viewer (Spotlight) is included into the dictionary. Keyboard controls:

  • arrows left-right — paging
  • arrows up-down — zooming
  • backspace — reset zoom
  • space — close viewer

Beginning from this release, recommended format for GoldenDict (desktop) is Slob. It stores vocabulary, images, styles and code in one file, so users could simply add it to the list of dictionaries in GoldenDict and do not worry about any other settings.

Additional formats are produced for mobile users:

  • Slob — can be used by Aard 2; pay attention to 2 different files in this format
  • MDict — Chinese format for BlueDict, MDict and several other applications
  • XDXF — for Alpus

GoldenDict could read any of these files as well, but specialized Slob edition contains code of new image viewer.