Gesner1749 v0.9

30 Jul 2019

First release of the dicitonary “Novus linguae et eruditionis Romanae thesaurus” (Gesner, 1749).

Working on this project, the main difficulty was translating images from JPEG2000 (jp2) to TIFF G4 format for reducing size of the dicitonary file (from 3.0 to 0.5 Gb). I would like to share approach I went to after many tests:

  • JPEG2000 image is changed to greyscale palette, resized 2x bigger and saved to PNG format.
  • Using Local Adaptive Binarization tool implementing Wolf’s algorithm, image is converted to black-and-white PNG.
  • PNG is resized x2 smaller, and saved to TIFF G4 format using ImageMagick tool (it is better then XnView MP).

Only Slob format for GoldenDict. Download.